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After school Skills Centres

After school Skills Centres are weekly football courses for boys and girls who want to improve their football skills outside of school.  Our FA Skills coaches run after school football coaching courses on the same night each week at a local venue. 

After school Skills Centres are perfect for children who want to develop their football ability and also if they want to have fun with their friends.  Our after school Skills Centres cater for all abilities, from beginners to more experienced players and provide the opportunity for children to develop technically, psychologically, physically and socially, in line with our FA coaching model.

Our after school football coaching sessions last at least an hour and cost a maximum of £1 or £2 per coaching session (to cover the cost of the venue hire).  After school Skills Centres run the same night each week throughout the school term and we have a range of Skill Centres to choose from:

  • Open Skills Centres – football coaching for boys and girls of all abilities.
  • Girls only Skills Centres – football coaching for girls only.
  • Disability Skills Centres – football coaching for children who consider themselves to have a disability.
  • Gifted and Talented  Skills Centres – football coaching for boys and girls who have already had lots of football coaching. Your local Skills coach can help you understand if this applies to your child.

To find the right Skills Centre to suit your children, search for your nearest FA Skills session now