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FA Lidl Skills

The FA Lidl Skills Programme is part of an aspiration to get boys and girls aged 5-11 active across England. Find out what you can do to help your children live happier, healthier lives through football.

Football - Healthy Eating

The FA Skill Programme has a huge range of resources available to help kids and adults alike eat a balanced diet. Find tips, tools and advice from The FA Lidl Skills Programme website and get your children eating the right food to make them better and healthier players.

FA Lidl Skills

Creating fun, safe football environments is central to safeguarding children. Find out more about what The FA is doing to ensure your children have a positive and safe experience of the game.

FA Lidl Skills

The FA aims to encourage children to get more out of football – we’ll help you find a well-organised local club near you to continue your children’s development beyond The FA Lidl Skills Programme.