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The FA Skills programme works in over 2500 primary schools each year, providing lessons for the children against the requirements of the PE National Curriculum and supports teachers’ professional learning. Our coaches will typically work with a primary school in their county one day a week for the duration of half a term (minimum 6 lessons, maximum of 12 lessons with the same class), providing specialist, age appropriate learning for all ages from Years 1 to 6. The Programme’s approach is truly child-centred, is for all ability levels, and focuses on individual boys’ and girls' learning needs.

As well as helping to develop the technique, ball skills and confidence of children in primary schools, The FA Skills coaches aim to pass on invaluable lesson ideas and guidance on the delivery of football to the pupils’ teachers. If  you are a teacher and The FA Skills coaches have been working with your school, this website will provide you with resources this to allow you to carry on teaching the programme after they’ve gone. The FA Skills Coaches are not there to replace or displace teachers, they are there to work with teachers to support and accelerate the learning of the pupils.

If your school hasn't had a chance to work with The FA Skills programme yet, please send us an email at to register your interest in getting a Skills coach into your school in the future.  In your email to us, please include the following details:


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