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Skills coaching after the Programme

 "At a time when ‘unstructured play’ in the street, the park, the woods, is disappearing in society, the importance of the delivery of physical education and sport in schools is greater than ever.
The opportunity to develop physical competence, encourage health and wellbeing and possibly inspire future stars is within our gift. We have a fundamental responsibility in ensuring that the provision, quality and amount of physical education delivery in schools actually increases, rather than declines, as has occurred in many schools over the years and despite recent efforts to reverse this trend.  Our children and young people have a right to these opportunities, which can provide them with so many benefits including improving their skill sets, health, well-being and standard of living later in life. We have a responsibility to deliver.”

- Gareth Southgate, England FA Under 21’s Manager & Head of England Youth Teams

Children may know a lot about football – the weekend scores and their favourite players – but whether you follow football or not, teachers know how to help young people learn.

We aim to provide support for all the teachers who take part in The FA Lidl Skills Programme, working with our coaches to teach their primary school classes P.E. with football skills, movement skills, teamwork and confidence. Our AfPE accredited coaches will also offer to deliver The FA ‘Primary Teachers Award’ course whilst at your school. Typically delivered over 6 hours on the same day, our coaches will adapt delivery so that teachers can benefit from this course ‘in action’, chunking the learning over the half term of PE lessons. This means that teachers get 1-1 support and a qualification, whilst children receive expert PE lessons. Because of the bespoke 1-1 learning provided, no additional time spent away from class is required for teachers to complete the qualification.