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"Teachers make great youth football coaches because they understand how children learn."  (Les Howie, FA Grassroots Delivery Manager)


Children may know a lot about football, such as the weekend scores and their favourite football players, but whether you follow football or not, it is the teachers who know how to help young people learn.

We aim to provide support for all the primary school teachers who take part in The FA Lidl Skills programme, working with our Skills coaches to teach their primary pupils skills, teamwork and confidence which transfer across all activities in the National Curriculum for Physical Education.

We believe our coaches and the resources on this website will provide you with the inspiration and tools you need to develop your lesson plans.  The best thing you can do now is engage with The FA Lidl Skills programme and to see the impact for yourself.

Medium Term Plan  

Use the medium term plan to forecast what you would like to cover with your learners over the medium term.  We suggest the medium term be considered as anywhere from a 6-week half term to a 12-week term.  Draft what activities you will devise and what learning points you will cover during this period to achieve your learning objectives.  Use the medium term plan below as a working document.  Do not be afraid to make changes and annotations over the course of the medium term period.  Learning will be unpredictable, so ensure your medium term plan is flexible to accommodate the different rates of learning of your pupils.

Medium Term Plan (example)
Medium Term Plan (blank) 


Short Term Plan

Use the short term plan documents to plan each individual lesson, completing the key areas of intended learning outcome, learning activities, learning points and AFL, differentiation and inclusion.  Check the activities you choose to enable to pupils to achieve intended learning outcomes and allow the learners to achieve the intended learning outcome you set.

Short Term Plan (example)
Short Term Plan (blank)

Teacher Game Cards

Download our AfPE endorsed Teacher Game Cards to help you deliver effective P.E. lessons suitable for your learning outcomes. Choose from a range of activities suitable to your specific Key Stage and follow the clear guidance on how to set up your game, set challenges for players of all abilities and reflect on the delivery of a session. The "Guide to using the Game Cards" outlines how the cards are designed and gives step-by-step instructions on how to use them.
These are intended to act as starting points for planning. There are 6 different games each with 3 different starting points dependent upon the ability of your pupils. Also included on the cards are suggestions on how you may differentiate to meet the needs of individual learners within your lesson.


Guide to using the Game Cards


Passing KS1 

Passing KS2a

Passing KS2b


Defending KS1

Defending KS2a

Defending KS2b


Finishing KS1

Finishing KS2a

Finishing KS2b


Receiving KS1

Receiving KS2a

Receiving KS2b

Movement and Support  

Movement and Support KS1

Movement and Support KS2a

Movement and Support KS2b

Individual Possession  

Individual Possession KS1

Individual Possession KS2a

Individual Possession KS2b